Developing Learning Skills for Success


Below you will find short descriptions of the three steps we take at the Agape Learning & Optometry Center to develop learning skills for success:

1. Assess Processing Skills


The Agape Learning & Optometry Center helps all ages to remediate problems with reading, spelling, math and writing. The skills needed to perform these tasks can be developed and enhanced through one of our individually adapted programs. We design each program to meet the needs of each unique person.  We use in-depth testing called Functional Vision Exams to assess learning strengths and weaknesses.  Our center uses a combination of educational, hands-on and engaging activities to help every student reach their potential.


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2. Understand the Results 

After skills have been assessed, an appointment is made to review results and recommendations with Dr. Mayer.


Our programs are based on research from the National Institutes of Health.  An excellent article regarding this research is entitled "Cracking the Code."  It appeared in Teacher Magazine.  Much of our work is also based on the 2001 Harvard Education Forum and the 1999 national PTA resolution.


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3. Develop Deficit Skills


Through in office therapy, we can give you the tools to develop any processing skills that may be lacking.   First, Dr. Mayer designs a personalized program to fit individual needs.  Next, work is done one-on-one with one of our highly trained vision therapists.. 


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